Helgoland – Eine andere Welt

Informationen über die subjektiv schönste Insel Deutschlands am Golfstrom, Neuigkeiten und Veranstaltungen auf Helgoland – und ein bisschen "Kraut und Rüben" aus der Kartoffelallee

C. H. Spurgeon im Jahr 1867 Helgoland

H. C. Spurgeon, ein englischer Baptisenpfarrer (1834-1892) schrieb neben einem Reisebericht über Helgoland auch einen Brief von der Insel an seinen Sohn Charles. Das war im September 1867 und der Brief lautete:

HELIGOLAND, Sept., 1867. MY DEAR CHARLIE, — I am very glad that you wrote a nice little note to your dear mother, and I hope it is a sign that you are always going to be diligent and thoughtful, and this will be a glad thing indeed …. I am delighted to hear that you are doing so well at College. Give my love to all the students, and tell Mr. Rogers that it always cheers me to know that the brethren bear me up in their prayers.

On this little island there is a lighthouse; you see it at the top, on the left of the picture. It is much needed, for many vessels are wrecked here. We live down below, on the beach, near the square tower with a flag on it; that is a bath-house. Steamers come every two days, and then we can send letters; at other times, we are far off from everybody, alone in the wide, wide sea.

We have sheep’s milk, for there is no room for cows. Fish is very plentiful, and very good.

My dear boy, I trust that you will prove, by the whole of your future life, that you are truly converted to God. Your actions must be the chief proof.Remember, trees are known by their fruit, and Christians by their deeds.

God bless you for ever and ever! Mother sends her kindest love, and so does — Your loving father, C. H. SPURGEON.

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